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Make coaching more effective

​In the old days, boats with engines were needed for coaching.

With ROWonAIR, you can teach face-to-face.

ROWonAIR's dedicated outriggers are available in two types: forward facing and backward facing.

​ You can rectify the students' sculls in real time and give guidance.

Safety on board

Wider with a flat bottom makes it more stable.
Safe for beginners, making it easier to start.

Coach easier

With the Row Vista forward rowing system, you can row facing each other. 
Correct your students' stroke in real-time.

Row like you always do

Sliding seat system makes it similar to rowing on a normal boat.
Even on a board, row like you normally do.
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Lender Products Available!

Experience Row On Air with your club members.

Only available for clubs and associations.

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