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Portable Rowing

Anytime, anywhere.

Row On Air portable rowing system makes rowing more accessible to all.  Everything is packed into 2 bags, which you can put inside your car, or check-in on flights. Set up in minutes, row anywhere you like.

The experience is almost identical to traditional shells. Except that it is way more stable so it is suitable for families and beginners too.  

Want to test it out?


Demo Units Available

Want to try Row On Air?

Rowing Athlete

”The buoyancy is pretty high, so it doesn't shake a lot when I'm rowing. I think it's easy too for beginners."

Rowing Coach

”I think it's suitable for children and people who are eager to dip
into the world of rowing.
It is also cheaper than a normal
rowing boat"

Beginner Rowers

"At first the seat looked a bit high, but it's much more stable than a normal boat. 
The added stability lets me  concentrate more on my strokes."
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