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Important Safety Information

Although this product is manufactured with good quality materials and high technology, inflatable boats and boards may leak if used incorrectly. Therefore, please observe the following safety precautions.

Safety First

  • Life jacket recommended. When not in use, life-jacket can be stowed under the mono-rail. It will not hinder the movement of the sliding seat.

  • Always keep a reasonable distance from shore. 

  • Always check the wind and wave forecast.  Don't overestimate your rowing ability.

  • Please practice getting on and off the board before use. 

  • Be sure to bring your mobile phone so that you can get help in case of emergency. Put it in a waterproof bag or case. Turn on location sharing with friends or family. 

  • Be careful not to hit sharp rocks etc. Watch out for floating object, other boats and swimmers. 

  • Be sure to wear a wetsuit when using in cold water.

  • Wetsuits also have the effect of warming the body, ensuring buoyancy to float in the event of capsizing. 

  • Bring snacks and drink. Stay hydrated.

Pump Pressure: 14psi

The European factory recommended pressure for the boat is 16-18psi, but summer in Asia is very hot and the boat can absorb the sun's heat and over-inflate. Avoid leaving the boat in the hot sun for long periods of time. If you have no choice but to leave it in the hot sun for a long time, lower the pressure of the boat beforehand.


Testing by us and the manufacturer confirms the boat works at 14psi. This pressure (14 psi) is the recommended pressure for use in the summer and when the sun is strong. 

Safety first, and have fun with your ROW on AIR® Rowing System!

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