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Sailing Experience, Lessons

カタマラン ビーチ

Let's enjoy sailing!

Why not try a new marine activity?

There's nothing better than relaxing on the calm sea.

Start with a trial and if you want to acquire sailing skills, please participate in our lessons.


ビーチ 出発 X-CAT
犬 ワンちゃん ボート
X-CAT乗客 ティラー

Perfect for those who want to sail but still unsure.

We start from Fukuoka City's Yacht Harbor and participants will ride with the instructor as passengers.

Don't miss out!

We'll update you of our events by e-mail.

Thank You

Sailing Lessons

X-CAT乗客 横
カタマラン ビーチ 出発
カタマラン ローイング

Learn to sail with us.

Everybody starts as a beginner.

Perfect for those who want to sail solo and those who are looking for new activity on water.

Details about the boat we use

X-CAT カタマラン ロゴ
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