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Row long-distance with us.

From a beach 5-minutes walk from Imajuku Station,

regular trips everyday.

Gaze on the scenery while exercising.
Open for beginners and experienced rowers.

​See the courses below.

Would you like to join us on our next trip?

​What to bring and what to wear

​Be sure to bring the following items when playing in the sea!

  • Clothes and shoes that are OK even if they get wet (CROCS is fine)

    • You won't be completely wet, but just in case.

  • ​ Jacket

  • ​ Food, drink, etc.

    • A waterproof bag will be prepared.

  • ​ Wetsuit

    • Please be sure to wear it on a trip in winter/fall. ​

    • ​ If you don't have one, you can rent it for a fee.

Activity Flow

  • Gather at Kaoi Surf

  • Basic explanation on land

  • ​ Go row!

Don't miss out!

We'll update you of our events by e-mail.

Thank You

Coastal rowing footage from Hong Kong,

the hometown of the organizer Leroy

Other courses are also possible.

​Since it is inflatable, it can be shipped easily.

It can be transported in a passenger vehicle

If you have an idea where to row, let's go rowing to beautiful places!

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