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Nokonoshima Challenge


​10km Coastal Rowing Time Trial

Aim for the best time!

Organizer and Equipment Provider: Fukuoka International Boat Club

 Overseas and out of state participants welcome!


A:KAOI(5-min walk from Imajuku Station)

B:Noko Civic Hall Beach

Distance between A and B: 5km

Google Map: Click Here

A-B estimated time (one-way):

Beginners:45~60 minutes

​Experienced Rowers:30~40 minutes


  • Men's Open (including Uni Students)

  • Women's Open (including Uni Students)

  • Men 50+

  • Women 50+

  • Students


This is a challenge to row to the famous tourist spot, Nokonoshima Island, in Fukuoka City.

Available from March to October with prior reservation

Starting from Imajuku Beach, participants will row to Nokonoshima Island, take a break, and then return to Imajuku.

Participants are required to take a selfie at the start and finish points, and post them on designated social media. The event staff will calculate the time and update the rankings on various social media platforms.

Participants can attempt the time trial challenge multiple times until October 15th.

The awards ceremony will take place at the end of year Fukuoka Beach Sprint event after-party.

Let's aim for a personal best and the annual award!

​10km Coastal Rowing Time Trial


  • Please take a selfie at the starting point (A) and upload it to the designated LINE group before rowing to the destination.

  • Once you arrive at Nokonoshima Island (B), take another selfie and upload it to the group. You can also have a picnic, take a break, or have a meal on the beach where the boat is placed in a location that is not reached by the waves.

  • Before returning from B to A, take another selfie and upload it to the LINE group.

  • Once you have landed at Imajuku Beach (A), take another selfie and upload it to the group. Please also provide your name, affiliation, the number of people on board (1x or 2x), and age in the LINE group.

  • All selfies should be taken on the beach (not on the water) with a clear view of your boat and the location in the background.

Important Note: Safety first.

  • Please assess your own abilities and consider the weather and wave conditions before participating 

  • Click here for information on how to read weather forecasts and make judgments.

  • Be sure to go out with at least two boats. Let's row while paying attention to each other's conditions.

  • If rescue is necessary, be sure to stop the challenge and ensure the safety of your companions.

  • Please bring a life jacket with you.

  • Before departure, check that the life jacket has a whistle.

  • Put your mobile phone in a waterproof bag and be sure to bring it with you.

  • Please wear a wetsuit in the season when the water temperature is low.

  • Please be aware of heat stroke and hydration in hot seasons.



General: 5000 Yen

Students: 2500 Yen

Fees include shower facility usage and boat rental.

Parking: weekdays - 500 yen, weekend & holidays 1000 yen

​*Parking & shower facilities provided by KAOI SURF
(5-min walk from Imajuku Station)

​10km Coastal Rowing Time Trial

Organizer and Equipment Provider: Fukuoka International Boat Club

Local & overseas participants welcome!


Men's Open

54 mins
54 mins
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About the Boats Provided

Introducing the popular inflatable
Coastal Rowing System from Europe.
With a flat hull design, it offers exceptional stability, while its sliding seat mechanism mimics Olympic rowing.

Best of all, this system can be easily transported in your car, allowing you to experience traditional rowing no matter where you go.
Row On Air ローイングボード
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